Dope Chicks Tribe Blog Post: Stop Waiting. Launch It NOW! by Tomesia Ingram

Do you ever wonder why so many entrepreneurs procrastinate when it comes to working on the things that are the most rewarding for their business?

It’s because most entrepreneurs feel like there are always circumstances that must be overcome first, or in some cases, that there are dues to be paid first.

We think we need more money in the bank, more time and more experience.

From this point on, I want to you think of this saying, “Don’t wait: LAUNCH NOW”.

Whatever it is that you desire (dream business, dream vacation, dream home, the dream car); you’ve got to LAUNCH it NOW. Whatever it is that you desire (dream business, dream vacation, dream home, the dream car); you’ve got to LAUNCH it NOW.

It’s okay to say now is not the right time to take a crazy leap of faith, but what CAN you do Right NOW that will help encourage you take a big leap now instead of later.

I have a close friend who recently was inspired with a business idea that totally lights her up. When she initially told me about the idea, she was glowing with excitement.

After our chat, I was excited for her, but my most pressing question to her was “when are you going to take action?”

She’s a stay ­at ­home mom with three kids under the age of 5 who never had a long­-term plan to stay­ at ­home.

I knew with everything she has on her plate that this idea could easily drift off into someday land if she didn’t take action and get it launched right away.

Well, as it turns out, I had nothing to worry about. By the next time we spoke, which was only 3 days later, she had a complete business plan, had reached out to three organizations, and secured a speaking engagement to train a corporate team in her field.

She took what I call MASSIVE action and she is now laying the groundwork for substantial success.

If you are tired of waiting and you’re ready to create your dream business by launching products and services that lead to profits, I’d love to help you get there.

I’m offering complimentary 30­-minute strategy sessions to help you launch your profit generating business idea, zone in on your marketing message, and create a step-­by­-step launch plan.

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Launch Into Profits,

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