5 Simple Content Creation Tips

We have all heard the saying "Content is King". But what does that actually mean to someone who has no clue about what content is or how to share it with their audience? I'll tell ya what it means... FRUSTRATION AND CONFUSION!!!  

So here are 5 Simple Content Creation Tips to help save your TIME and your SANITY on social media!

1. Survey Your Followers: If you want to know what THEY need or want, then just ASK 'EM!! The survey doesn't have to be a 20 question survey. You ask one question and get several responses! This keeps you from wasting time creating programs, products, or services that your followers don't need!

2. Share Quotes and Affirmations: Motivational quotes and affirmations are quick, simple, and effective pieces of content to share with your audience. You can either quote yourself, or share quotes from others! If you need help creating the images for your posts, check out the Summer Gram Slam Workshop replay!

3. Share Behind the Scenes Photos: Y'all know this one right? These pictures usually involve the infamous "laptop or open notebook" shot! Or how about the "I just happened to be workin' at Starbucks" picture!! And guess what? Your audience loves every bit of your staged behind the scenes photos because it gives them the opportunity to see the time and effort that you are putting in to connect with them and help them with solving their problems.

4. Share Tips with Your Followers: Transparency moment: It took me a while to get comfortable with sharing tips because in my mind (and some of you are thinking the same thing), if I GIVE them the tips for FREE then why would they PAY me for anything else???? 👈 This mentality kept me BROKE for months... YEARS! You have to give your followers the VALUE that they are seeking and in return, they will see YOU as being VALUABLE! When you become valuable to them, then they won't hesitate to invest in the solutions that you are providing! Remember... Know, Like, & Trust!

5. Share a Top 10 List: This can be a Top 10 List of your favorite tools, favorite blog posts, favorite influencers, favorite quotes... you get the picture!

Simple right? Comment below which one of these simple content creation tips you will be using during the month of July!