Dope Chicks Tribe Blog Post: You are Stronger than Your Struggle by Carina King


Wow! We are in the 7th month of 2016. time, will you please slow down!! I know some chicks were on top of their game and it has been a breeze, you've received a breakthrough and you're content with what you've accomplished thus far. But on the flip side, I know some ladies are still thinking how in the hell did I end up here, feeling like you've hit rock bottom, not moving forward one bit, haven't accomplished one goal, wondering can she get a do over because it seems like everyone is passing her by and things seem like they're never gonna move forward. I know first hand how that feels and to be quite honest it really can take a toll on you mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and everything else.
I'm cheering all the ladies who are on target with their goals, who can see how the end of this year will be, congrats to you ladies, but this blog post right here, is for the ones who feel like giving up, the ones who have these creative ideas but just don't know what to do with them.. Yup, this right here is for you. 
First and foremost, I just want you to know that you will win! Not instantly, but it's gonna happen for you! Just keep pushing , just Start. The thing that you must know about building your business is that it won't be perfect and that's okay. This fight aka entrepreneurship is not for the weak and you have to understand that some days are going to be dope and some days will make you question why you even started, but don't let that stop you! I've been guilty of it and I know some of you have too, but guess what... Those people you're set out to help won't be able to experience your greatness if you allow that struggle to make you give up. Someone needs what you have to offer and YOU will be the reason why someone will receive their breakthrough, how freakin' awesome is that! But in order for that to happen, YOU HAVE TO BE... 

You can do it ❤️