Dope Chicks Tribe Blog Post: Make It Fearless by Indrea Letice

I’m here to motivate you to make mistakes. Yep, make ‘em, over and over again. Make mistakes until the fear of making them has taken several seats. From this day forward, no longer let the fear of a thing prevent you from actualizing your dreams. It's time to make those mistakes WHILE you are making those Boss moves. 

You are full of ideas. You have notebooks and folders filled with images and content. But that's just it. Everything is inside of you. Your forward movement is being held hostage by your fear of fumbling the ball. Stumbles are ideas that just need more development on your way to phenomenal. Your falls are not indicative of how you’ve failed.  NO, your missteps solidly mark how fearless you are. Mistakes announce INNOVATIVE, RISK TAKING, OUT OF THE BOX THINKING Diva has entered the room. All Rise!  

Abraham Lincoln said “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend four sharpening the ax.” Your mistakes sharpen your vision. As you go you grow. I look at my social media platforms and laugh at my beginnings. I was initially tempted to delete some of my early posts. They showed the world I was a beginner and not at all polished. But then I looked again. Those unpolished posts told a powerful story. My early mistakes show my growth, my tenacity, my determination to improve and sharpen how I convey my vision to the world. I’m still growing. What I think is great now, oh you just wait until you see me this time next year! And that's the mindset I want to motivate you to.  Look at all of the lessons and hands on training I would have forfeited had I allowed fear of a mistakes to hold me back. 

So I’ve come to make a demand on your greatness. The world needs to see the stuff you're made of. That invincible, can't nothing take me down kind of stuff. It’s in there. Go ahead and make mistakes, but keep making those moves baby! Show ‘em what you're working with. Teach them how a FEARLESS Diva gets it done. Then turn around and say “class dismissed.” 


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