What is Social Media Management and Why You Should Give A F$ck!


What is Social Media Management? 

Social media management is basically when someone is responsible for keeping your brand alive on social media. Social media managers are able to strategically create and distribute brand content across a variety of social media platforms. They are also able to curate and repurpose content,as well as help you build authentic relationships with your ideal clients. Some key words that come to mind when thinking about the social media managers are support, engagement, implementation, and growth. 

Social media managers are typically highly motivated, creative individuals with a known passion for connecting with and building authentic relationships with current and potential clients. That passion is obvious as the social media manager engages with clients on a consistent basis, with the ultimate goal of turning fans into customers. 

So what are a few of the essential tasks of a social media manager? 

1. Content creation
2. Content curation
3. Repurpose content
4. Data analysis
5. Connect with ideal clients

Now... Why should you give a f$ck about what social media management is?  I'm glad you asked!! 

Social media is very time and energy consuming. And you already have enough on your plate with the babies, your boo, and your business! Do you seriously have time to be posting on FB, IG, and Twitter too??? Chick, naw!! You need to be focused on helping other women build successful brands and not on what, when, and what social media platform need to be posting on! 

So what do you need to do now that you know what social media management is and why you should give a f$ck?? 2 things:

1. Download this Simple Instagram Task Guide, which will at least give you some basic guidelines for posting on Instagram. 

 2. Schedule a Discovery Session and let's chat about how we can partner up and start eliminating those overwhelming feelings about social media. 

As always, I'll holla!